This site is dedicated to letting you relive the past on the web. We are looking for any links to websites that were constructed at least 5 years ago or longer. You may restore old links or just list them as dead, or remove them entirely. Please try to restore the site to its original condition, with all the funky animated gifs and terrible graphics included. If you have a link to your restored site or you would like to rehost your old site on a server again, please e-mail me and we'll talk.

The web of the mid-90's (94-96)

The web of the late-90's (97-99)


I've become fascinated with resurrecting my old websites and thought that some other techno-geeks out there might get just as much of a kick out of seeing old stuff recirculating on the web--bringing back to the earlier days of the internet.

Chris Powers, Sheridan Productions.